Welcome to the Alternative Universe/Crossover continuity that links the Transformers and the Evangelion worlds together.

It's a different story.

Three young Cybertronian brothers, children, robots with a soul.

A civil war that causes the crossover to begin.

EvaBrothers.com - Evangelions from Cybertron


Happy 2013!

A new year comes by and new good things replace old bad ones. One of these things is this website layout, which I (almost) completely rewrote in HTML5, as well as the forums and plenty of internal pages.

First off, the artwork gallery now uses a WordPress plugin named Lightbox. The nice thing about it is that when you click on a picture, it will open in a new ‘floating’ window/box that’s a real pleasure for the eyes.

Secondly, I have changed a few things in the storyline for Season 1.0, so you’ll find a revised synopsis and more explanatory articles under THE SHRINE section pages. Season 2.0 material is not online and will *not* be online until the whole Season 1.0 is released. The only spoiler you’re going to get about S.2 is the ‘Spawn’ artworks and hints throught S.1.

As a third point… the boards are up! 😉 Join us and have fun!

To all Eva Brothers fans who don’t feel like joining the boards but still want to communicate with me and the other fans: please email me at admin@evabrothers.com your name and email address and I shall add you to a private newsletter/mailing list where you’ll be able to get updates from me and to discuss with other fans who chose this method. Thanks!


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